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  Navy Recruiting Service Military Ribbon  
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a. Authorization. Established by SECNAV on 2 February 1989. SECNAV
letter NDBDM/OO87 of 21 February 1997 made the award retroactive to
1 July 1973.

b. Navy Recruiting Service Ribbon Eligibility Requirements

(1) Awarded to officer and enlisted personnel of the United States Navy and Navy Reserve, including Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) personnel (formerly TEMAC), in support of recruiting, assigned to the activities listed below.

Navy Recruiting Command, Millington, TN
Navy Recruiting Regions
Navy Recruiting Districts
Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit, Pensacola, FL
National Training Team
Navy Recruiting Quality Assurance Team, Great Lakes, IL
Reserve Recruiting Support Units
Navy Recruiting Command Liaison Team, Federal Records Center,
St. Louis, MO

Navy Recruiting Youth Program Field Representatives
Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)
Navy Parachute Team (Leap Frogs)
Director, Candidate Guidance Office, U.S. Naval Academy Information
Officer Program

NOTE: Prior to February 1989, most eligible Navy Reserve Recruiting
personnel were assigned to Unit Identification Codes of Naval Reserve
Readiness Commands, Naval Air Stations, Reserve Centers, and Naval Air Reserve activities. Eligibility is maintained if personnel were assigned to billets specifically involving recruiting or recruiting support.

(2) Awarded to Career Force Recruiters (CRF) and Canvasser Recruiters (CANREC) at the recommendation of their commanding officer or officer in charge, upon completion of a successful tour of duty in recruiting. CRF personnel, Campus Liaison Officers, and Recruiting District Assistance
Council members are eligible for the ribbon upon completion of three
consecutive years of recruiting duty. Reserve CANRECs and ADSW
recruiting personnel are eligible for the ribbon after completion of three consecutive years of combined recruiting duty, provided no break in service
of more than 60 days occurs during the period.

c. Definitions. The following definitions apply for determining eligibility:

(1) Recruiting Duty. Duty performed at any one of, or a combination of, the Navy recruiting activities listed above.

(2) Prescribed Tour of Duty. The member's projected rotation date from recruiting, as established by the Chief of Naval Personnel, is considered the
end of a qualifying tour of duty. Personnel who complete a minimum of 18 months on recruiting duty, but were transferred prior to their original projected rotation date to a non-recruiting activity, may submit a waiver request to Commander, Navy Recruiting Command. In the case of Navy Reserve
recruiting personnel who have at least two consecutive years of recruiting
duty, and are recalled USN or Full Time Support (FTS) prior to completing
three years of recruiting duty, a waiver request may be submitted, via the recruiting chain of command at the time of service, to Commander, Navy Recruiting Command. Recruiters who are fault transferred from recruiting
duty or who are not recommended for continuation and are subsequently terminated are not eligible for the Navy Recruiting Service Ribbon. Waivers
will not be considered.

(3) Successful Tour. For the purpose of this award, a successful tour is defined
as completing the prescribed tour of duty as outlined above, with the exception that Navy Reserve CANREC and ADSW personnel may combine consecutive recruiting periods of either recruiting program, provided no break in service exceeding 60 days occurs during the three-year period. d. Awardinq Authority. Commanding officers determine eligibility from service records, affidavits, or upon completion of eligibility requirements at current command and make appropriate service record entries for enlisted personnel and issue letters of eligibility for officers. No citation or certificate will be issued. Situations not covered in this article should be addressed to the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command.

e. Subsequent Awards. Personnel receiving "Gold Wreath" awards for superior productivity shall wear a bronze 5/16 inch Arabic numeral on the recruiting Service Ribbon indicating the total number of awards received after 1 January 1980. Personnel receiving Individual Awards of the Recruiting Service Ribbon shall wear a 3/16 inch bronze star for second and subsequent awards.

Authorized Devices: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Bronze Numeral


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