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Fleet Marine Force Military Ribbon

  Fleet Marine Force Military Ribbon  
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a. Authorization Period. SECNAVINST 1650.36 of 1 September 1984 authorized the Fleet Marine Force Ribbon. However, the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Officer Warfare Qualification Badge superseded this ribbon for Navy officer personnel as of 1 January 2006. Similarly, the FMF Enlisted Warfare Qualification Badge replaced this ribbon for Navy enlisted personnel as of 1 October 2006. See OPNAVINST 1414.6(series) and OPNAVINST 1414.4(series) for the respective guidelines on officer and enlisted FMF
warfare qualification.

b. Fleet Marine Force Ribbon Eligibility Requirements

(1) General. For personnel serving during the authorized period noted
above, qualification for the Navy Fleet Marine Force Ribbon (FMF) Ribbon signifies the acquisition of specific professional skills, knowledge and military experience that result in qualifications above those normally required of Navy personnel serving with the Marine Corps.operating forces. This qualification
must be obtained through a formal qualification program, and successful completion of the written test prescribed below. Officer and enlisted personnel must:

(a) Be assigned to a unit of the Marine Corps operating forces. Only those personnel assigned to Type I1 and Type IV sea duty are eligible.

(b) Successfully complete the following sections of the Marine Battle Skills Training Handbook (Books 1, 2 and 4) :

Military Justice and Law of War 1-1-1 to 1-1-19
Marine Corps Organization, History, Customs, and Courtesies 1-2-1 to 1-2-39
Marine Corps Uniform, Clothing and Equipment 1-4-1 to 1-4-69
Marine Corps General Leadership 1-5-1 to 1-5-23
Substance Abuse 1-6-1 to 1-6-15
Troop Information/Training Management 1-7-1 to 1-7-39
Combat Leadership 1-8-1 to 1-8-27
Individual Weapons:
M16A2 Service Rifle 2-11-1 to 2-11-37
M9 Service Pistol 4-11-1 to 4-11-37
Tactical Measures 2-14-1 to 2-14-87
Hand Grenades, Mines, and Pyrotechnics:
Locating Mines 2-15-33 to 2-15-36
Movement through Mine Field 2-15-37 to 2-15-38
NBC Defense 2-16-1 to 2-16-100
First Aid and Field Sanitation 2-17-1 to 2-17-65
Land Navigation 2-18-1 to 2-18-29
Operate the SINCGARS RADIO 2-19-13 to 2-19-16
Communicate Using a Radio 2-19-17 to 2-19-22
Maintain Physical Fitness 2-20-1 to 2-20-40

(c) Pass the USMC Physical Fitness Test (PFT) All applicants, regardless of
age, must complete this requirement. Individuals over 45 years of age, if found physically qualified by a medical officer, shall take the Marine Corps PFT
under the age category 39-45.

(d) Be recommended for the award by the Marine Corps battalion/squadron commanding officer.

(2) Specific

(a) Enlisted active duty members of the Navy must:

1. Serve a minimum of 12 months with Marine Corps operating forces.

2. Graduate from Field Medical Service School (FMSS), or chaplain and
RP Expeditionary Skills Training (CREST) course, and obtain the appropriate Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) (KM 8404/DT 8707/RP 2401). Navy personnel assigned to an FMF unit, who have no Navy Enlisted Classification Code (NEC) producing pipeline school (i.e., YN, PN, DK, etc.), are also

3. Have no single performance trait mark below 3.0, and no recommendation lower than promotable for the last two periodic evaluations.

(b) Enlisted members in Navy Reserve Marine Corps operating force units

1. Serve a minimum of 24 months in a Navy Reserve FMF unit with
satisfactory drill attendance.

2. Obtain the appropriate NEC (KM 8404/DT 8707/RP 2401) for their-billet.

3. Complete a two-week Active Duty Training period in support of a Marine Corps field training exercise.

4. Have no single performance trait mark below 3.0, and no promotion recommendation lower than promotable for the last two periodic evaluations.

(c) Navy active duty officers must serve a minimum 12 months of duty with
the Marine Corps operating forces .

(d) Navy Reserve officers must serve a minimum of 24 months in a Navy
Reserve unit of the Marine Corps operating forces with satisfactory drill attendance.

(3) With the concurrence of CMC and CNO, the awarding authority may
waive the above requirements in cases when Navy personnel demonstrate exceptional skill, knowledge, and leadership while providing support to the Marine Corps in a combat environment.

c. Awarding Authority. Only Marine Corps battalion/squadron commanding officers may award the Navy Fleet Marine Force Ribbon (FMF). There are
no subsequent awards and no citation or certificate will be issued.
Commanding officers shall make appropriate service record entries for
enlisted personnel, and issue letters of eligibility for officers. Award of the
ribbon shall be noted in the member's next evaluation or fitness report.

d. Advancement Credit. The award of this ribbon shall entitle enlisted
personnel to be designated FMF, and have two points applied on the E4
through E6 advancement exams.

Authorized Devices: None


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