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a. Authorization. OPNAVNOTE 1650 of 3 June 1987.

b. Navy Arctic Service Medal Eligibility Requirements. Awarded to officers and enlisted personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps, or civilian citizens, national or resident aliens of the United States who complete 28 days, consecutive or non-consecutive, above the Arctic Circle after 1 January 1982. For personnel working at remote ice camps and divers working under the ice, each day of duty counts as two days when determining award eligibility. No more than one day's credit is allowed for flights in or out during any 24-hour period. Marine Corps personnel undergoing annual cold weather training above the Arctic Circle do not qualify for the 2-for-1 credit.

c. Subsequent Awards. There is no subsequent award.

d. Awarding Authority. Commanding officers of ships or units whose operations are above the Arctic Circle. Certification data, to include dates of eligibility, will be forwarded to CNO (DNS-35) for Navy personnel. Appropriate entries shall be made in the official military records of Marines eligible to receive this award.

e. Retroactive Awards. Type commanders and commanding officers of Navy Laboratories will determine and certify retroactive eligibility to 1 January 1982.

22. Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon

a. Authorization. SECNAV Note 5420 of 28 May 1986, OPNAVNOTE 1650 of 3 June 1987.

b. Eligibility Requirements. Navy Arctic Service Medal is warded to officer and enlisted personnel of the Navy and Navy Reserve who, after 15 August 1974, complete a cumulative total of 24 months of any combination of active or Selected Reserve service aboard a Navy Reserve ship or its reserve unit or an embarked active or reserve staff.

(1) To be creditable for the ribbon, periods of Selected Reserve service must have been satisfactory service as defined in BUPERSINST 1001.39(series); specifically, 90 percent attendance at scheduled drills prior to 1 October 1997 and 85 percent thereafter, with annual active duty for training (ACDUTRA) performed for each period of 12 months of Selected Reserve duty.

(2) Qualifying ship duty includes duty in a self-propelled Navy Reserve ship, boat, or craft operated under the operational control of fleet or type commanders. Selected Reserve duty with staffs that regularly embark in such Navy Reserve ships, craft, or boats, is also qualifying provided at least 50 percent of the drills performed for each creditable period have been underway drills. The individuall's certification that such underway drills were performed is considered acceptable verification.

(3) Qualifying service performed between 15 August 1974 and 1 January 1979 will be credited only toward the initial award of the ribbon. Subsequent to 1 January 1979, one award is earned for each qualifying period.

(4) CNO may waive the requirements in posthumous cases, on a case-by-case basis. An individual cannot receive both the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and the Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon for the same service.

c. Awarding Authority. Commanding officers. All questions regarding eligibility must be addressed via Commander, Navy Reserve Force to CNO (DNS-35).

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