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a. Authorization. E.O. 10179 of 8 November 1950.

b. Korean Service Medal Eligibility Requirements. Awarded to all members of the U.S. Armed Forces who participated in operations in the Korean area during the period between 27 June 1950 and 27 July 1954, under the following circumstances:

(1) Sea Duty. Service for one or more days in the designated area, attached to and serving on board a naval vessel.

(2) Shore Duty. Attached to and regularly serving on shore in the designated area, for one or more days, with an organization that participated in combat operations or in direct support of combat missions.

(3) Temporary Additional Duty. Service of 30 consecutive or 60 nonconsecutive days in the prescribed area, unless personnel participate in actual combat, in which case the time limit is waived.

(4) Passengers. Individuals in a purely passenger status shall be ineligible unless the unit in which they are embarked engages in actual combat. Patients in a hospital ship are considered as attached to the ship.

c. Engagement Stars. The prerequisite for wearing a star on the Korean Service Medal shall be service in a ship, aircraft unit or shore-based force at the time it participated in actual combat with the enemy for which a star was authorized, or participation in duty considered equally hazardous.

(1) A 3/16-inch bronze star indicative of actual combat in an operation or an engagement, as authorized by SECNAV, will be worn two points down on the suspension ribbon of the medal and on the ribbon bar. A 3/16-inch silver star will be worn in lieu of five bronze stars. Participation in combat operations during the following operations establish eligibility for one bronze star for each operation listed:

North Korean Aggression 27 Jun 50 to 2 Nov 50
Communist China Aggression 03 Nov 50 to 24 Jan 51
Inchon Landing 13 Sep 50 to 17 Sep 50
1st U.N. Counteroffensive 25 Jan 51 to 21 Apr 51
Communist China Spring Offensive 22 Apr 51 to 08 Jul 51
U.N. Summer-Fall Offensive 09 Jul 51 to 27 Nov 51
2nd Korean Winter 28 Nov 51 to 30 Apr 52
Korean Defense, Summer-Fall 1952 01 May 52 to 30 Nov 52
3rd Korean Winter 01 Dec 52 to 30 Apr 53
Korea, Summer 1953 01 May 53 to 27 Jul 53

(2) Ships and units considered to have participated in combat operations are those which:

(a) Engaged the enemy.

(b) Participated in ground action.

(c) Engaged in aerial flights over enemy territory.

(d) Took part in shore bombardment, minesweeping, or amphibious assault.

(e) Engaged in or launched commando-type raids or other operations behind enemy lines. (£1 Engaged in redeployment under enemy fire.

(g) Engaged in blockade of Korean waters.

(h) Operated as part of carrier task groups from which offensive air strikes were launched.

(i) Were part of mobile logistics support forces in combat areas. Presence in a combat zone primarily for training or transit does not qualify.

Authorized Devices: Bronze Star, Silver Star,
Bronze Marine Corps Device(Navy),
Bronze Arrowhead (Army & Air Force)

Army Infantry Units Korean war

US Navy Ships Korean War

US Navy Ships during Korean War by Campaigns

K-1 North Korean Aggression K-6 U.N. Summer-Fall Offensive
K-2 Communist China Aggression K-7 2nd Korean Winter
K-3 Inchon Landing K-8 Korean Defense, Summer-Fall 1952
K-4 1st U.N. Counteroffensive K-9 3rd Korean Winter
K-5 Communist China Spring Offensive K-10 Korea, Summer 1953




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